High Five Spoiler warning forward for many the informatioin needed for Five. Browse your personal wisdom.

High Five Spoiler warning forward for many the informatioin needed for Five. Browse your personal wisdom.

Spoiler caution in advance for many information about Five. See in your very own prudence.

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Hector Nieves try a 15-year-old Mexican-American who’s best friends with Miko. The man is effective at Hinobi’s stock and heis also a Glitch computer driver to fight and record problems. He’s a much more puzzle-oriented player than Miko normally creates the projects and methods to attack bugs, producing him or her the mind to Miko’s brawn.

Five grew up by his daddy, Emilio, for most of his own childhood. They lived warm video gaming, this passion for games got supported and motivated by their dad that would commonly delay with your away from Hinobi store for new releases. His or her dad would bring Five to Geri’s classic video game shop every day after college. As he is five to six years, he or she worked hard to simply help his own pop elevate bucks when you do most activities, most notably working at his Papi’s groceries vehicle, for making a reservation having his or her birthday celebration at Joystick Jr, however it has been unfortunately wrecked because lack of the Ralphie keep animatronic. It’s also expose that Five would go with his own pops to my workplace on a regular basis.

It’s not stipulated any time, before the activities associated with television series, Five’s daddy got apprehended for hacking a firewall. Next, Five set about managing his grand-parents and supporting all of these with the food pick-up a whole lot more. The good news is, his own grand-parents in addition support his passion for video games. They even voluntarily accepted Five into the Hinobi Smash match if they found out he had got a bracelet that indicated he had been among the best people in the urban area.


Tall Five is a fantastic and caring male whom really loves trying to play gaming systems and may do anything to achieve their purpose, never quitting. Commonly Five aspects many people but isn’t reluctant to stand about many as he seems it is important to do it. While Five is generally rational and liable, as soon as under fatigue and pressure (or a good experience generally), he or she comes to be impulsive and does not imagine issues fully out or unmistakably. As soon as afraid or stressed, hell also start to over-think points and get stayed within his mind.

Five comes with a tendency to dread the unfamiliar, when allocated an occupation, he’s typically worried to fail it, trusted someone like Mitch to steer your wrong. Five usually brings caught in his personal mind, incapable of perform through the moment, their brain too full to look the space.

If Five does indeed leave his personal mind, he is with the capacity of adding the challenge of every match together, such in “Castle Crawl” when he kept those booty compiled in the case he’d want anything after. His own designs hardly ever are unsuccessful, so when his or her instincts catch up, he is one of the most risky bug Techs around.

While Five happens to be somebody that would rather assume before he or she operates, once triggered with solid thoughts such frustration or anxiety, he is able to grow to be careless and will jump on men and women and/or sometimes, though hardly ever, reset their own storage deliberately or on mishap.

Five additionally reveals a desires to adhere to and continue with the policies but isn’t reluctant, albeit hesitant, to stop these people. Five normally shown to lay in some cases keep on his own and pals from getting back in issues or to excite many. And quite often those dwell have him or her into problems and definately will make an issue tough as displayed in “the authentic problem specialists”.


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He will be higher, very lean, and includes fairly dark-colored tan skin. He’s got a bloated hairdo with a galaxy blueish-purple/indigo tint, using thin legs and arms.

In his relaxed use, he will usually be viewed using an eco-friendly artwork t-shirt with a black colored joint length top below. He also sport events grey slim pants and a pair of Hinobi boots. Sometimes this individual dons an environmentally friendly hoodie making use of the wide variety “5” on it. On different business, he will be observed using a unique t-shirt through the artwork environmentally friendly t-shirt such as for instance a yellow one in “SPROUTS” in addition to a flashback in “Gallery mission”. In “Ralphie Bear”, Five sometimes appears using a white Ralphie Bear themed tee. Five is observed sporting a yellow hoodie with “05” upon it quite shortly as soon as Miko wanted your with Lexi’s phone-in “chronilogical age of Hinobi”

While getting work done in the Hinobi store, his own ensemble continues to be alike except he or she wears a pink Hinobi polo top over their black shoulder duration shirt as a substitute to one of his true graphical shirts.

Seven could be noticed donning a normal Hinobi tech help jumpsuit, in which he also is noticed having on bug tech armor any time his own technology gauntlet try initiated.


Miko try Five’s mate and the other of their best friends. He enjoys moving efforts together on the job and from it, and typically have fun with activities together. He has a lot have faith in this model: regardless if Mitch revealed she might be a glitch with a sound point into the babylon escort Pompano Beach FL occurrence “obtain the Glitch”, Five debated which didn’t material because he would continue believing this model.

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